Thursday, July 14, 2016

Writing Update

Hey I'm back. Sorry I haven't posted for a while..I've been busy writing.

I finished #82 Sabotage At Sea in June. It wasn't one of my favourites. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, sometimes when I stall in a story, I just can't seem to get the momentum back and the plot suffers. This one isn't too bad, though.

#83 Enemy Match. I have an arsenal of story titles, but none of them were inspiring me. I wanted to do another "school" story, one that takes place mostly at school. And I wanted to involve Terry's arch nemesis Daryl Peters. This story wasn't too bad. It was finished in July

#84 Secret of the Sunken Treasure was a title that I had for years. I started writing it as part of the "Casefiles" series as "Case of the Sunken Treasure" but found that Terry being in Florida and searching for treasure was a bit out of his age range. So I took the story and changed it to fit the "mysteries" series and changed his age back to 18 and instead of vacationing in Florida with his family, his friends were there.

Currently I am working on #85 X-treme Danger. I am about 2/3 of the way thru (July 15) and hope to finish the story this week or next.

I'm getting a little burned out so after I finish X-treme, I might try my hand at a Casefile (#2 Case of the Comic Book Crime) or a Brendan Starr story (#5 Scions of Xeroja)

Not sure yet, I'll keep you posted.

Thanks for reading...

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