Sunday, May 8, 2016

Change of Direction For The Series...A New Era For Terry and His Friends

In 2005 I took another break from Terry and his friends. I wasn't idle this year in writing stories. I had been writing about Terry for 16 years and had completed 35 stories. I wasn't bored with Terry, but I needed a break. See if I could write something different. Maybe this hiatus would help with the Terry Macdonald Series by putting a fresh perspective on my writing.

I had always wanted to write science fiction and since Star Trek and Star Wars were some of my favourite franchises I thought that now would be a good time to start. So I decided to create a new science fiction adventure series and see where it would take me.

So in 2005 I wrote a young adult novel "Rogue Station" with the main character Brendan Starr an orphan living on Earth who had a deadly secret. Pursued by unknown enemies, Brendan flees Earth to find his uncle, the leader of Rogue Station, a defensive station orbiting earth. It was a long book, longer than I had ever written for Terry Macdonald, at around 30,000 words.

It was a good story, and it was written on the computer--in first person POV. Something I had never tried before. I have since written 3 other books in this series, "The Brendan Starr Sci-Fi Adventure Series". "The Time Tunnel was the second book, and was a sort of sequel to "Rogue Station". The third book "Alien Probe" followed and then "The Haunted Asteroid". I have sort of let this series flounder a bit. A fifth title "Scions of Xeroja" is being worked on. I really need to get back to Brendan and his friends.

But with this renewed interest in writing and the fact that I no longer needed to write by hand, I returned to Terry Macdonald in 2006 with 4 stories completed that year.

Changing to first person POV dramatically changed how I wrote my stories. It was like a veil had been lifted and I had said to myself "why hadn't I done this earlier". Writing became so much easier and the prose seemed to flow so naturally.

The first book that year, "Sign Of The Sinister Tattoo" dealt with Corey Cross's depression and his relationship with Van. The following story, "Mystery of The Forgotten Tomb" took place in Paris France. "The Genius Thieves" followed and then "Mystery Of The Gyspy's Ring".

These 4 novels were completed during November of 2006 during NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing month). Combined with the first person POV change and writing against a deadline, the 4 novels were completed during a one month period.

In 2007 I started work on another Terry Macdonald story, but this one was going to be part of a new series for older readers. This series never materialized back then but I am working on developing it now (2016). In this story, Terry wakes up in Rio de Janeiro with no memory of who he is. "Trouble in Paradise" was the working title and it was a messy write, but with typing on the computer and first person POV it came together fairly quickly. I finished the book that year along with "Slap Shot Sabotage" the 40th book in the Terry Macdonald series, and "Secret In the Hidden Chamber" during NaNoWriMo 2007

2008 was a prolific writing year with 6 books finished during the year. 2 during the early part of the year, "The Movie Monster Mystery" in March 2008 and "Mayhem At Mardi Gras" in June. During November 2008 Na NoWriMo, I completed 4 more stories. "Mystery Of The Jade Monkey" took Terry and Van to Thailand and an undercover mission. "The Haunted Dungeon" was about a video game. "The Fugitive File" brought back a person from Terry's father's past and we learn a bit of why his father left the police force. "Secret Of Pirate's Reef" took place in Barbados.

My writing seems to go through cycles. I write a lot for a while then almost like the tank is dry I take a break.

In 2009 I only completed one Terry Macdonald story, "Mystery Of The Viking Cross". I was writing Brendan Starr books during this time as well as completing my first adult mystery novel "Caution Horses". My protagonist was a Toronto cop, Nick Solomon and the story was good. It was my first attempt at an adult level novel.

So I wasn't exactly idle during the time I wasn't writing Terry Macdonald. Over the next 6 years though, I would complete another 33 novels in the Terry Macdonald Mysteries as well as write the first book in a new middle grade series "Terry Macdonald Case Files" and plan yet another series featuring Terry, "Terry Macdonald:Teen Agent".

More about that in my next post.

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